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Who can subscribe?

Every homeowners, including single family homes, condominium, income properties, cottage as long as you are looking to buy another property.

Properties sold through a real estate brokers

Properties sold and bought in Canada


Can I sell my house through HomeownerMatch?

Not directly… Our services have been designed to find properties where potential buyers might share reciprocal interest for your property. Once there’s a confirmed Match, your broker will schedule an appointment to visit your potential buyer’s property.

You must have a contract with a real estate broker to use our services


Will I be able to negotiate?

Negotiations between seller and buyer should not be any different than those of any ‘’standard’’ transactions. Your broker will be able to guide you through the negotiation process.


Will I be able to cancel my subscription?

Whether you sold your property or simply wish to continue selling your property without us, we invite you to contact your broker to unsubscribe your property.


Why can’t I post more than 1 photo of my property?

Since all properties listed at HomeownerMatch have a direct link to the broker’s web site, we though it would be more convenient to simply show a summary of your property’s profile. We strongly recommend that you view the complete profile on the broker’s web site before accepting or requesting a Match.


What if I decide to sign a contract with another real broker/agency and wish to keep my property posted on this web site?

Please advise your new broker that you would like to list your property on our web site.  Your last broker has to unsubscribe your property first, before we can list it again.


Can I subscribe without a real estate broker?

No. Our services are available exclusively to real estate brokers and their clients. The more properties we have listed, the greater are your chances of getting a ‘’Match’’.


How long will it take to get a Match?

Much faster than any other web site! More seriously, it is impossible to predict how long it will take to get a ‘’Perfect Match’’ base on your profile and search criteria. However, with the constant addition of new subscriptions every day, your chances of getting a Match are constantly renewed. Keep in mind that you will always have more ‘’mathematical’’ chances of selling your property with HomeownerMatch than without us.  Be patient, you might get a match any day!

Push your luck and use our ‘’Make your Match’’ feature.  You will exponentially increase your odds of getting positive responses from other HomeownerMatch buyers.


Who CANNOT subscribe to our services?

  • If you are a tenant looking to buy a property
  • You are a homeowner looking to rent
  • You are planning to buy a brand new home directly from a contractor
  • You are moving out of the country
  • You are selling your property without a broker

How much does it cost to subscribe?

Please contact your broker to find out more about our services and how to get your property listed on HomeownerMatch.


Can I advertise my business on your web site?

Please contact our sales management team for more information on our advertising options.


Why do you use less search criteria than those available through web sites such as Realtor, Centris, Remax, etc?

Simply put: To increase your chances of getting Matches.

Adding more search criteria (number of bedrooms/bathrooms, fireplace and lot size for example) would greatly reduce your chances of getting a ‘’Perfect Match’’.

You would therefore end up losing many opportunities that might have converted into an offer for your property.  So, the more criteria you can choose from, the weaker your odds of getting those Matches will be. We believe that it is rather to your advantage to decline a Match offer,  than not getting any at all.

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