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We have built a unique algorithm designed to search and find properties owned by
potential buyer(s) for your home.

In other words, our mission is to find potential buyers for your property from
properties you already like.

Our approach is similar to a ‘’dating site’’, made exclusively for real estate.

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More feedback

Get more feedback on your property from other homeowners

More potential buyers

Our system will help you generate more opportunities to sell and buy

Simplified process

Sell your home and buy your next property in one simple step

Economical choice

Selling faster improves your chances of closing at a higher price

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Discover the advantages

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More than 500 properties listed on our site

The properties found in our database are supplied exclusively by real estate brokers who are supported by the largest agencies: RE/MAX, Royal Lepage, Via Capitale, Sutton, Century 21, Engel & Völkers, Sotheby’s and many more…

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